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Quinta do Vesúvio

do Vesúvio

The Queen of the Douro.

At Quinta do Vesúvio, the work of man and nature achieve a perfect and lasting harmony. More than anywhere else in the Douro, Quinta do Vesúvio, with its incomparable and timeless beauty, leaves us with a profound sense of place, untarnished by time.

Quinta do Vesúvio
The mere mention of Quinta do Vesúvio to those who have visited evokes its timeless beauty and grandeur. A unique estate and iconic landmark of one of the world’s most renowned wine regions – the Douro Valley.
The property and the landscape that surrounds it have stood hand in hand since the early 19th century and its recorded history dates to 1565. Wine production at the property started in 1823 with the ambitious planting of 150 hectares of vineyards and the construction of its winery in 1827.
Since then, Vesúvio’s port has been considered among the very best in the Douro region, a fitting reputation given it was one of the first estates to bottle its own ports under the property’s name.

More About the Quinta
Located 120km east of Porto and just 45km from the Spanish border in the remote Douro Superior, Quinta do Vesúvio stands out for its unrivalled magic and splendour – a constant in its 200-year history.
Acquired in 1989 by the Symington family, Vesúvio's unique terroir has become the cornerstone of its outstanding ports and Douro DOC wines. This unique landscape, marked by diverse altitudes, extreme climate, and minimal rainfall, is the ideal environment for making exquisite wines.
The terroir's influence on Vesúvio's wines is profound, helping to define their quality and shape their character. This unique combination of factors allows our winemakers to produce wines that capture the essence of the Douro Valley in a symphony of complex flavours with fantastic ageing potential.


More About the Wines
Quinta do Vesúvio

With over 200 years of winemaking heritage, Quinta do Vesúvio has a long history of recognised excellence and quality. Its unique combination of location, soil, and grape varieties result in Douro DOC wines and Vintage Ports that inevitably stand out from the rest of the region.