Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage


The winter of 2005 was typically cold, albeit unusually dry and was followed by a spring that was considerably warmer than usual. The very hot and dry conditions persisted throughout the summer and it became clear that this period of drought was even more severe than the one experienced in 2004. An unprecedented eight consecutive months of above-average temperatures further compounded the situation, creating a difficult environment for the vines. The combined effect of these conditions led to the earliest recorded vintage at Vesuvio, picking starting on August 30th. Some rain finally fell on September 7th and 9th. This came at a critical time and greatly improved the quality of the crop. Ideal sunny and dry conditions followed, paving the way for perfect harvesting weather.


Tasting Notes

Vesuvio 2005 Vintage has a superb inky black colour. The nose is brimming with strong notes of violets and wild spring flowers. The taste is long, complex and rich, with layers of flavours that persist on the palate. Blueberry and blackcurrant flavours combine with rich bitter-chocolate and add structure. A seamless vintage port, with perfect integration and a velvet-like texture on the palate.

Wine Specifications

Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC)
Total acidity: 4.5 g/l tartaric acid
Baumé: 3.9

Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage

The quinta of all quintas – one of the wonders of the world