Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage


The winter of 2003 was very wet in the Douro and this was to prove of critical importance later in the growing season. The rainfall, which brought mild, moderate conditions only abated in April and was followed by very hot and dry conditions, interrupted only by some very welcome showers in late June and July. Some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Portugal were experienced in August, although in the Douro it was not much hotter than normal, maximum daytime temperatures at Vesuvio averaging about 42oc. Owing to the accumulated water reserves deep in the schistous soil, ripening took place under ideal conditions and the continuing dry weather in September ensured that the vintage took place in near perfect conditions.


Tasting Notes

The 2003 Vesuvio is of superb quality, possessing Vesuvio's lovely scented nose of violets, layers of opulent blackcurrant fruit and a powerful, tightly knit structure suggesting great longevity. The overall harmony of this wine is astonishing, even at this young stage. The wine will bring great pleasure throughout its long life.

Wine Specifications

Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC)
Total acidity: 4.58 g/l tartaric acid
Baumé: 4.1

Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage

The quinta of all quintas – one of the wonders of the world