Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage


The weather conditions leading up to the harvest were very favourable. Spring was not excessively hot, allowing the vines an even and balanced growing period. The customary hot summer temperatures, which reached 40oc, arrived just at the correct moment in mid-August and lasted throughout September, interrupted only by some welcome rainfall on the 24th and 27th August. This text book final ripening period proved a decisive factor in the outstanding quality of the wines produced at Vesuvio in 1997, assuring the grapes were at peak maturity and in excellent condition. Picking started on the 18th September and continued until 6th October under ideal dry conditions, with sugar readings averaging an excellent 13o Baumé.


Tasting Notes
Dark and intense purple colour, on the nose showing a luscious ripeness with rich floral aromas of esteva (rock rose) and hints of blackcurrant. On the palate extraordinary rich and full-bodied, packed with layers of fruit and firm tannins, holding its richness all the way through to a long and concentrated finish.

Wine Specifications
Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC)
Total acidity: 4.1 g/l tartaric acid - Baumé: 3.4

Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage

The quinta of all quintas – one of the wonders of the world