Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage


The weather conditions leading up to the harvest were absolutely ideal, with a wet winter, a hot summer and finally some light rain at Vesuvio in early September, allowing the grapes to ripen fully before picking started on the 19. Yields were satisfactory, although a little on the low side due to some rain damage during flowering. Most of the grapes were brought in quite cold due to low night-time temperatures in the vineyards, and this allowed longer than usual fermentation’s. Consequently this was a good year for ”lagar” wines and especially for those made at Vesuvio, there being greater opportunity for colour and flavour extraction. There was no need to use the Symington’s innovative cooling system, as “lagar” temperatures never exceeded 28ºc.


Tasting Notes
Inky dark colour. On the nose an outstanding concentration of floral and ripe fruit aromas, with hints of bitter chocolate. On the palate, massive structure, with distinctive berry fruit flavours and superb grip. Very concentrated, and a long, long finish.

Wine Specifications
Alcohol: 20% vol (20ºC)
Total acidity: 5.0 g/l tartaric acid
Baumé: 3.9

Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage

The quinta of all quintas – one of the wonders of the world